Dress Code & Conduct

The Achieve Center of Pasco Discipline and Student Services committee has revised and strengthened the District’s dress code for students, acknowledging that dress codes are established to teach grooming and hygiene, appropriateness for various environments, prevent disruption, and avoid safety hazards. Our mission is to engage our students in their education, which includes the guidelines established by the District School Board of Pasco County as well as the parameters set here at Achieve Center of Pasco.

In order for each student to have the necessary time practicing appropriate behavior (for it to become a habit), our standard is set higher than that of their home school. For instance, above and beyond the Pasco County School Board’s Policy regarding dress code, we have additional expectations.

  • Black ACP Shirt or solid black or grey t-shirt.
  • Hoodies are prohibited.
  • Pants/Shorts are to not have holes or rips.
  • Pajamas or visible underwear is prohibited.
  • Oversize clothing is unacceptable.
  • Book bags and backpacks are unnecessary and therefore, not allowed.

Cell phones are to be turned in at the start of the school day and usage of any electronic devices is limited to the discretion of the assigned staff member in the classroom and/or office.

The above policies are also in effect on all field trips, school activities, and bus rides to and from school.

Lunch time in the cafeteria at Achieve Center of Pasco.