School Info

Achieve Center at Pasco serves exceptional education students who have emotional or behavioral challenges in addition to students requiring an alternative education setting to recover courses for graduation. Our number one priority is to make sure all students are learning and growing. Academic learning will be highly engaging and focused on the Florida standards for all grade levels and all subject areas. Our academic program is a blended approach that is based on Florida standards for all grade and subject levels. We utilize an online learning platform for all content areas (APEX).

Social/emotional learning will be supported using the Levels System (LS). The LS is a framework for managing student behavior where students access greater independence and privileges as they demonstrate increased control. Students learn appropriate behavior through a variety of ways throughout the school day: clearly defined behavioral expectations, explicit social skill instruction, positive reinforcement, privileges, and consequences linked to the behavioral expectations. Click to learn more about the Levels System.

Our staff will work hard to make sure students feel safe, valued and respected. Parents are important members of our team and their support is essential to student success. Frequent and open communication is encouraged.
Research shows that students whose parents are involved in their education are more likely to:

  • Adapt well to school
  • Attend school more regularly
  • Complete homework more consistently
  • Earn higher grades and test scores
  • Graduate and go on to college and careers
  • Show improved behavior
  • Have better relationships with their parents
  • Have higher self-esteem